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Tempat, Tanggal Lahir : Jakarta, 12 Jully 1997
Tinggi Bandan : 173 Cm
Berat Badan : 60 Kg
Alamat Rumah : Ds. Barengkrajan, Gg. Kutilang, RT. 30/05, Krian, Sidoarjo
Hobi : Sing, Read, Photograpich, and others
Status Pernikahan : Single/Unmarried
Aktivitas Harian : … (I’am get study in Islamic Nation University Sunan Ampel, Usually if i have part time, I’am sing, read the books, writing and others).
Karakter/Kepribadian Kamu : Kindness, Humble, Friendly, Sociable.
Alasan Ingin Menjadi Model : I want to be the professional model, and be totality on modelling world.
Pengalaman Modeling : I have experience be delegation in my school. To join modelling contest from “Sarung Mangga” event.
Kursus Modeling Yang Pernah Kamu Ikuti : I never join course modelling
Keterangan Lain : I wanna be professional model like ass My favorite actor namely Reza Rahadian.. Its so cool… And totality. I hope, i can be model. When i child until now. And I wanna be strunggle and hardwork

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